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We help you understand the tradeoffs and the important aspects of building and using different models.


We build custom solutions that solve your specific business problems. 

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Mathematical modeling softwares enables firms to produce the most sophisticated recommendations for future decisions, though new users can often struggle to access their wide range of capabilities. We have the resources and expertise to fully train employees in Gurobi, CPLEX, and other solvers, so that clients can continue to benefit from optimized solutions past the conclusion of our contract or engagement. We offer training in model building and using the Python modeling libraries for CPLEX, Gurobi, and Pyomo. 


We can improve your existing models and include new decisions, reduce solve time, and increase their use within your organization in order to reduce sources of ill-conditioning.

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We analyze your models to determine issues affecting performance, infeasibility, and scalability. Mathematical models are able to find optimal solutions faster with the proper parameter settings. We can tune client model parameters in order to boost performance.


With analytics models, we often find that solve time increases exponentially with the number of decisions. Models that worked well in testing and development suddenly lose much of their effectiveness when larger real-world data is applied. We can help break down larger models into smaller models that solve faster without affecting the fidelity of the solution.

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Visualizations locate opportunities to decrease overhead costs, as well as minimize the potential effects of future uncertainty. We offer reports and visualizations to help business users interpret the results and understand the effectiveness of the model recommendations. We generate detailed reports on model inputs and results, so that value-add findings can be clearly communicated to all stakeholders.