About Us

About the Company

Modaai stands for mathematical optimization, decision analysis, and artificial intelligence. We do more types of math, but we wanted to keep our name short. Please read our website capabilities page to see all we can do for you. We will keep the technical math jargon short. Our company started out as Optimized Financial Systems in 2012, but then grew into a company that works in numerous industries. These industries are listed on the industry solutions section and rotate on our main page. We apply different mathematical techniques to different problems to make your company more efficient and profitable. 

About the Founders

Andrea Onopa Woodruff

CEO and Sales Director

Andrea Onopa WoodruffAndrea serves as Modaai’s CEO and Sales Director. In this position, she identifies and supports our clients and partners in various industries. Other responsibilities include determining the best strategy for scalability for our clients. Her career focus is in start-up divisions, sales, and fundraising. She served as the Associate Director, Corporate Affairs, for the Council on Foreign Relations promoting academic work within the business community. Her career foundation is in for-profit sales in both the pharmaceutical and technology industries. At GlaxoSmithKline, she promoted key opinion leaders within their field by providing the most complete and sound research available. Determining which pieces of research were sound was her first introduction into data mining and analytics. Since then, she has worked with government, for-profit, and nonprofit entities. Her passion in all of these fields is to connect instincts with trusted analytics to promote problem resolution.

Andrea has a BA in Political Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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Dr. Joshua Woodruff

Modeling Director

Joshua Woodruff, Ph.D.Josh serves as Modaai’s Modeling Director. His passion is bringing advanced analytics to solve real world problems. Josh’s competitive nature drives him to implement the highest ROI project of the year for each of our customers. He worked for IBM’s Industry Solutions Group, traveled globally solving problems for various industries applying the right solution to fit the problem.  Josh worked for Morgan Stanley’s Equity Risk Management group in New York and Brazil.  Prior to 2010, Josh again worked for IBM in their Application, Integration and Middleware Division in both the US and Latin America.   He also worked on business rules projects for the IBM technical and business partner sales force to use as a basis for client proof of concept projects.  He came to IBM through IBM’s acquisition of ILOG.  For ILOG, Josh worked as a Business Policy Analyst and an Optimization Consultant.  His career started in Silicon Valley with several start-ups. 

Josh has a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in Operation Research. He has a MS degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Southern California. He did his undergrad at Yale University where he earned a double major in Economics and Applied Math.  At both UT and USC, Josh received an academic scholarship.

Josh speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, and basic Quechua.  He is a U.S. Masters Swimming record holder.

Our customer’s best interests are our top priority so we are pleased to be partners with Gurobi and IBM. Josh was President and Modeling Director for Optimization for Optimized Financial Systems that started in 2012 until it was rebranded to Modaai in order to reflect our growth with partners and mathematical techniques.

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